Building Surveys

The purchase of a property is likely to be one of the most expensive commitments which an individual or company will undertake. It makes sense therefore to try to find out as much as possible about the property before committing to a purchase. The way to do this is to have a full Building Survey (previously termed Structural Survey) carried out by a Chartered Building Surveyor.

At Wilde Spooner Raleigh we have extensive experience of surveys of all kinds of residential, commercial and institutional properties ranging from small flats through all domestic properties (including large country houses) to shops, offices, industrial units, schools, churches and public buildings.

Inspection of Churches

We act for a number of Diocese of both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church. In particular, we have very wide experience of quinquennial surveys of church buildings.

We produce a brochure setting out the various matters covered in our Building Surveys and we will be pleased to provide a copy of this brochure on request.